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2014 Wuzhen Theatre Festival
Come to Wuzhen
Specially Invited Plays

Youth Theatre Artist's Competition

The Young Theatre Artist’s Competition is a major component of the Wuzhen Festival. Eighteen creative groups will be chosen to come to Wuzhen to perform a newly created work on a topic designated by the Festival. The jury will consist of luminaries and masters of the art. On the final day of the Festival, the jury members will choose a Best Play, which comes with a cash prize and give a Special Prize for the Most Outstanding Artist, which comes with a cash prize.

The purpose of the competition is part of the vision of the Festival Director… 【Details】

In the spirit of "Transmittal," this year's Festival will include Master Classes, to give aspiring artists the opportunity to learn from both Chinese and International masters of the theatre in the Festival's rich environment. 【Details】

Committee Members